Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Blogging! I blog!

Do you remember the movie "What About Bob"? It's a classic. Bill Murray goes sailing for the first time and he is tied with duct tape to the sail screaming in pure, unadulterated joy: "I'm sailing!!! I sail!!!" This is how I feel. I am trying to break into the 21st century why not try with a blog? I do have Facebook and I thought that was a big deal. It was, but here I am in the theme of "What About Bob" steps. Baby steps to the computer. Baby steps to the world of technology... Baby steps with a blog... :)

I took a walk yesterday and decided that I come up with lots of book/short story ideas on walks. Yesterdays epiphany is entitled: "Sparky, Buddy and Christina Aguilera". I was jammin' to Christina, (I know...'Fighter' pumps me up!) and saw "Sparky & Buddy" scrapped into the sidewalk with paw prints. As I listened to the words of Christina I became contemplative about the role of pets in our lives.

Pets are awesome. My cats, Birney and Bella bring me such joy. They are quirky and funny and just plain therapeutic for me. My cats have entered my life in very significant times. They represent comfort for me. We really, really want a dog too. Our house set up isn't very conducive right now for a pooch, but someday maybe I will blog about a new puppy in the family. For now, it is about my furry little friends who make me happy. Thanks Birney and Bella, this blog is for you!

So, is this what blogging is?


  1. i miss you!!!!!!! (and yay for BRONCOS colors!!!)

  2. wow kari- fabulous job! love it and i want to see more "life on madison". soon- i will get you to tweet too! xo

  3. I couldn't be any prouder my friend.

    You already have 4 follower!

    And 3 comments!

    You're well on your way to becoming blogger of the year!

    And maybe cats aren't so bad after all:)

  4. I'm still waiting for your next post...