Friday, March 26, 2010

Ahh movie day...

It's true that 'movie day' for teachers is sort of a cop-out...especially 2 days before Spring Break.


But I am pretty sure that The Outsiders and The Mighty are exceptions to the cop-out rule. Does it help that I read the books to my students first? (The Mighty is based on the Rodman Philbrick book, Freak The Mighty.) Maybe a little?

For me, the sheer delight of a movie day is certainly tied to some 'down time', but what the students have listened to and now viewed makes me proud. The Outsiders, is of course S.E. Hinton's classic novel of troubled youth and the power of good choices. Freak The Mighty is a delightful story about an unlikely friendship and the power of what that friendship is capable of.

Both of these stories have changed my life. Maybe I am being a little dramatic, but I really don't think so. The characters in The Outsiders influenced my own youth. The Outsiders was the first novel I read that moved me. It made me really think about life, about death and what it really means to "Stay Gold". I would be remiss not to mention that the 1983 version of the movie created my slight obsession with movie stars. (The kids loved that Tom Cruise was in the movie! ha!) I have watched (and rewinded!) the movie more times than I want to admit.

I read Freak The Mighty in the young adult literature class I took in my teacher certification program. When I chose to read it to the class, I didn't know it was a movie too. (But, bonus!!) Of course, the book is better than than the movie. The best thing is that my kids agree. "Miss, the book is so much better!!!" insert melting heart here...
Anyway...The story is about Max and Kevin. Max is awkwardly big for his age, has trouble reading and has a father in prison. Kevin becomes his best friend. Kevin is essentially a dwarf where his insides grow faster than his outsides. Together they become an unstoppable force. They become 'Freak The Mighty'. I really can't tell you any more about it. You should really read it for yourself. (Seriously, read it! )

These stories have helped me really love movie day even more. It has proven to be a wonderful experience. We even had snacks. I will try not to get into the habit of days like this--but be sure I am soaking up every second of this one.

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