Friday, June 11, 2010

The 7 Day Experiment

So today is officially my first day of un-preoccupied summer bliss. I had to take a Master's class this summer, and even though it was only two weeks, it about killed me. I couldn't fully unwind from my school year knowing I had to 'perform' for this class. (You know, all that thinking, synthesizing and reflecting! blech!)

One of my best friends, Shana, gave me some awesome advice when it comes to teacher's summer breaks. She said that teaching is so draining and taxing that we need to utilize summer to re-fuel and re-energize so that we can be the teachers we're supposed to be...I agree! I need to re-fuel for sure!!!

So summer bliss is upon me. My miracle in the mundane for me today is to do something I love to do in summer--Read! Now that may seem like a 'no duh' type of summer pass time, but there is something about the feel of opening a new book.
I like to slowly open the book and I read every page. I especially like to read the dedication page and I always wonder how the author chooses who to pick for that. I bet it is the hardest part to write. If there are acknowledgements and praise for the book, I always read it. It reminds me that it truly takes a village to accomplish our dreams.

I love the anticipation of

figuring out what the story will be about...
what the title has to do with it all...
who the people I am about to meet are and what I can learn from them...
the hours I am about to spend whisked away into another world...
it brings me such joy.

Today I am going to start The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It was recommended to me by several here I go!

Starting a new book:
The miracle in the mundane...

What makes you happy today?

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  1. Readers are leaders. We know that so well. I just love your blog. Can't say it enough.