Sunday, February 20, 2011


NGC: Naughty Girls Club--I mean the fun is right in the name! What is this NGC sensation, you ask? Well, let me fill you in on all the naughty goodness and you will see why it is one of my top 5 miracles in the mundane.

A few of the naughty girls: Monica, Kathy, Me, Tina and Steph. Not pictured: Nancy, Lindsay and Tonya.

Naughty Girls Club evolved from a "book club". You know how book clubs one really reads the books and it just becomes an opportunity to hang out with girlfriends and drink wine. So the original group of women who started NGC had been a part of a book club that turned into each of them reading the book of their choice and recommending to the other ladies. This was great, but still, reading books wasn't really what kept the conversation going. The conversations were about what was going on in our lives from relationships to the little things that made us happy and got us through.

These little things are what we decided to share with each other. We meet monthly; one of us is the hostess, and each of us bring a product that has made us happy or that we know we want the others to experience. So over the years we have exchanged everything from paper towels to mascara to favorite drink recipes.

Our products from this month: Sweet potato fries, chunky soup to be served over mashed potatoes, Nivea chap stick, pancake mix and syrup, a tester of Origin's face wash, calcium chocolate squares and gummy multi-vitamins, a belt to accentuate that gorgeous waist.So yes, the products we exchange are always fun and creative. But truly, these women in my life are amazing. We can be ourselves in this club and talk about ANYTHING! (This "anything" is where the naughty comes in...) The connection I have with my NGC women will never be replaced. They have shaped who I am in ways that I can't explain. They are a part of me and my soul.

I have gained a lot of cool products over the years, but truly, these women in NGC are my miracle in the mundane and I am so very grateful.

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