Monday, January 9, 2012

It's Tebow Time?

The key word for this post is indeed Miracle. What a miraculous game the BRONCS! played on Sunday. All the elements were there: fresh snow, cold, sun, blue sky, full moon, family, revved up fans, an "Orange Crush" like defense, Mile High Magic, and yes, the miraculous powers of Tim Tebow.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in the "there is no 'I' in team" philosophy of life and sports. I am not sure that Tim Tebow is the sole reason our Superbowl dream is still alive. But seriously. You've got to admit that there is something miraculous about this man! Is it is his faith in Jesus? His optimistic "we can do it" attitude? His skills? (hmmmm) His leadership? Maybe a combination of all the above? Who knows. But let it be said that it is indeed Tebow Time and as we charge towards week 2 of the playoffs, somewhere, somehow, I believe.

I got to go to the game with my Dad, my cousin Tom and my brother Jeff. There was a lot of significance to this game in the way of family and tradition. We've had season tickets in the family since 1968 and we created "The FANtastic 4" in 2006 at a playoff game. The 4 consisted of me, my dad, my cousin Tom and his dad, Roy.

We dedicated this game to my Uncle Roy who died from Cancer in July. He was a "bleed orange" BRONCS! fan and he was definitely missed. Some of his ashes are in the corner of the end zone where our seats are. We call it the Roy-zone and yesterday, most of the action was in the Roy-zone. It was sentimental, awesome and perfectly BRONCS!
The original FANtastic 4.

The Roy-Zone


  1. Kari, I love that you spread some of your uncle's ashes in your end-zone...I love it! What a tribute to him! Keep the magic alive, Uncle Roy!!! BRONCS!!!!