Monday, April 30, 2012

The best iced coffee of my life

This iced coffee I am about to enjoy deserves a little story of why I praise it so highly today.
You see, this coffee was free and I didn't deserve it.
Some may say that this little iced delight is the picture of tangible grace.
 You know, grace?
The gift we get without deserving it at all?
Yeah, that.
Well, this is how it all went down.
Baxter and I were strolling along on our Sunday afternoon walk when a nice older couple stopped their car beside us and asked for directions to a nursing home. I didn't recognize the name, so I offered my mad iPhone skills to look up the place.  After some trial and error with looking up the name, I ended up calling the place then assuring the couple that it was just a few blocks away from where we were.

As I gestured the direction for them to go, the man held out a $5 bill.
I vehemently said no, that it wasn't necessary to give me anything! It wasn't a big deal and I was fine.
He vehemently said that he insisted and that I should go get some coffee, on him. He probably said it 4 times that I should enjoy some coffee with the money.
I ended up taking the money and bought a delicious iced coffee with it this morning.
I've been thinking about how this simple gesture of gratitude changed my whole outlook.
 I think the simplicity of giving $5, for really no reason, communicated that there is such a thing as kindness, grace, gratitude and really, hope that there is goodness in the world.
I found myself wishing that others would see this sort of goodness in their lives.
There are so many people that need a little pick me up in the way of a surprise moment of grace that shakes them up and helps them recognize goodness.
Gosh, I hope you get some sort of "$5 miracle" this week and that if you need to,
you are able to believe in grace and goodness once again.


  1. This is perfect. I think I need to include more "surprise moments of grace" into my days. Thanks for the reminder friend.