Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lordy! Lordy! Brian's 40!

Happy Birthday to my best friend!
Yup, Brian's the big 4-0.
I truly believe that so far, my 40's are the best decade yet, and I hope the same for Brian.
So, in order to get this decade started right I thought I would write a *little* list of the 40 best things about Brian K. Laniel--husband extraordinaire!
  1. ME! Brian completely adores me. I am truly not trying to make this about me, but this man LOVES me. I am blown away every day with his specific, generous, thoughtful love for me.

  2. BEER! Going to the liquor store with Brian when he is craving "something new", or "something hoppy", or "something from {insert Brewery name here}" has tested my patience, but I get it. Different moods=different beers...right?
  3. BEER! Okay, I have to do this one twice because Brian not only loves beer, umm, he BREWS it himself, folks!!! It's a pretty amazing process. Trust me. I know. 

  4. MUSIC!--Brian is a music-aholic and it's great.
  5. ROAD TRIPS! Brian loves 'em and some of our BEST times have been on the road. We especially love our trips to the CABIN!
  6. HUMOR! Brian is witty and funny, all the time. Plus, he enjoys all things funny. What a great quality.
  7. PATIENCE! Dear Lord is this man patient. I mean, hello. He's married to a middle school teacher that cries. A lot.
  8. FAMILY! He KNOWS that family is the foundation that makes it all work. He has an amazing family and he married into an amazing family. We all sorta adore him.

  9. THOUGHTFULNESS! Brian is consistently aware of me and others around him he desires to do what he can to make life better. 
  10. DREAMER! Brian is the epitome of "dreamer". He once lost a good 5 hours of sleep spending the lottery money we hoped to win...
  11. DIY! If he can build/make/fix something himself, he will. Check out our media stand, his brewing system and our dinners most nights. :)
  12. RESEARCHER! Gonna buy a new car? Need some new stereo speakers? Attempting to make the perfect pancakes? Well, Brian will research just about anything so he can make an informed decision about his plan of action...

  13. BACON! He loves it and I love that he loves it.
  14. FRIENDSHIPS! He is my best friend. I am not sure there is a better friendship team out there. He is also extremely connected and loyal to his friends and cherishes the history that exists there. 
  15. GENEROUS! I hope you have been a recipient of Brian's generosity-- from things like sharing a stein of beer or getting a ride somewhere, he'll be there for you. 
  16. TENDER! I'm not sure I can put into words just how his tenderness shows through in all he does. 
  17. PETS! Baxter ADORES Brian--Baxter gets "windmill tail" when he sees Brian come home, it's priceless. Birney--well, Birney certainly loves to nest into Brian right when he sits on the couch and I think Brian has a love/hate relationship with this. I'd like to think it's mostly love. :)
  18. BRONCS! When we first met, I told him that if we made it through the BRONCS! season, we'd be okay. Let's just say that when he nurses his punched arm {from me!} he knows that the pain is worth it. :)

  19. STORIES! Brian tells a great story...ask him to tell the one about "Coastal Access"...
  20. FOODIE! He's a foodie, loud and proud. If you EVER need a restaurant
      recommendation, he's your guy.
  21. COOKING! Refer to #11 and #12 for where he gets his spark for cooking, but come over for dinner and you'll be craving more!
  22. SPONTANEITY! This can sometimes be a bit of a challenge in our marriage due to the different ways that Brian and I are wired, but 9 times out of 10, the spontaneity works. :)
  23. HIGH ROAD TAKER! I have learned so much from Brian in the way of being the one who "takes the high road" in a situation with conflict. He has talked me off many ledges when it comes to losing my patience and when I'm tempted to hold grudges. I am very grateful that he helps me in this way.
  24. LOYAL! I feel like we can't go anywhere without Brian knowing someone. He interacts with old friends {and new} in such a way that you feel like no time has passed since you last saw each other. 
  25. HOBBIES! From beer making to photography Brian has great hobbies. He loves to try new things and he usually goes ALL IN! with all of them!
  26. ADVENTURE! #10 is usually tied to adventure. Brian thinks big and often has grand ideas about how to live a life full of adventure. I can't wait to live all of these adventures out!
  27. WINE! I put beer twice, but really our alcoholic snobbery started with wine and wine tasting groups. Brian gets crazy analytical about flavor profiles, ratings, varietals and other big wine-y words. He's a pro.
  28. SAFE! Okay, this one's back to me. I feel safe with Brian. My emotional journey in relationships has been a bit rocky, but I know that I am in a safe place with him and I can be myself no matter what. This is huge.
  29. SWEET! Perhaps an over-used word, but Brian K. Laniel is one of the sweetest men I have ever met. I am one lucky girl.
  30. SURVIVOR! There are many circumstances that have forced Brian to be a survivor. He faces challenges with Grace and honor and he shows me that there is power in the true human spirit.
  31. NATIVE! Did you know that Brian was born and raised in Denver? A true Native--and he's generally not shy about sharing what he knows about CO history. :)
  32. MOUNTAINS! Brian is a true mountain man. He grew up camping and fishing in the mountains and most of his significant memories are attached to some mountain range in CO. In fact, his brewery's name, Skinny Fish Brewery, is named after a lake he and his family used to camp at in the Flat Tops Wilderness area.
  33. HOPEFUL! When we are stressed out about things like not winning the lottery, Brian has a way of remaining hopeful that everything will work out just fine...
  34. ADORING! Jeez! Back to me! We joke about doing nothing all day but stare into each other's eyes, but I kinda think we would do this...really. We adore each other that much. {I know, it's sickening! }
  35. FRIENDLY! Brian is THAT GUY--you know, the one that strikes up a friendly conversation with ANYONE!?! I have "met" more people than I ever thought possible because of Brian.
  36. SOCIAL! I guess this one goes with #35 but I know that we will NEVER live in a place that doesn't have access to an impromptu porch party.
  37. CONTENT! Of course we all pine for things {Have I mentioned the lottery?} but truly, Brian is a content person. He is grateful for what he has and he is able to celebrate the moment.
  38.  WIKI!  Brian knows at least a little about A LOT of subjects. My family nicknamed him "Wiki" for just this reason--that and #13-- if he doesn't know the answer, be sure he will find out.
  39. MANLY-MAN with a side of ROM-COM!  Brian is the perfect date. He enjoys going to the opening of "The Avengers" just as much as "The Five Year Engagement". {But don't tell anyone.}
  40. MINE! It's great that after almost 4 years of marriage, I still LOVE seeing "Laniel" after Kari. I love that I am attached to this magnificent man. I love that he is mine, all mine and that we are MFEO--yup, Made For Each Other. 
                                                     Happy Birthday my sweet love!
                                                   You deserve the best year yet!!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday to your husband! It makes me happy to see how happy you are! I love the pictures you posted and I would love to try your husband's beer! :)

    1. Wow, I am sure the Koelsch tastes amazing! Enjoy and have a wonderful day! I can't wait to read more about your trip to Europe! Do you have any specific plans yet?

  2. I want a Brian in my life! Happy 40th, Brian!

    1. We want Cheryl in ours!!!! xoxo, friend.

  3. This is so sweet :) What a great little tribute to your hubby!

  4. Happy Birthday! And seriously, yall are the youngest looking couple ever! I love that you still love to see his last name with yours, I definitely feel that way too.

  5. ok, my husband makes his own honey, and his own cheese and some other crazy things. WHERE IS THE BEER????? that's what I would like to know.

  6. This was utterly perfect! I love the Laniels!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Brian!