Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Ginormous Photo Album

Wouldn't it be great to have a ginormous photo album
  {and by photo, I do mean a tangible 4X6 piece of paper that captures a single moment in time...remember those?} 
that contains a little bit of every area of your life?
An album that tells stories, reveals priceless memories and something that you could
 have access to all the time?
Oh, wait. 
We do. 
It's our fridge.
Our fridge tells stories.
For the most part I have arranged the pictures purposefully.
The top part is the love story of Brian and me.
There are pictures of the places we went while dating, our pets, us as kids, our wedding and even the sticky note I wrote while planning our first date. On the other side of that note my roommate at the time wrote me a word of encouragement to "just be myself" on the date...good advice. :)
The magnets are purposeful too. I try to get a little magnet from the places we visit or places that have a story. Lord knows we always need more magnets. 
We also have a tooth that Baxter lost when he was a puppy.
{Yeah, this one's a bit gross, but it is what it is...}
The lower part of the fridge holds the pictures of all my nieces and nephews and
 some family pics.
{The arrow is pointing to my actual nephews...but I consider all the kids who make the fridge
 my nieces and nephews:)}

Don't worry.
The sides of the fridge are covered too. :)

I mean, I have these pictures of my nephew
so it's impossible not to put them on display, right?

I am grateful for the ginormous photo album that I interact with every day.
All these people and all these stories are important to me and it makes me so happy.


  1. I love a good fridge collection -- it's usually the first thing I stop and stare at when visiting new friends. Yours is pretty impressive, I will say!

  2. I love your fridge! It is AMAZING! I have only a couple of things on my fridge, a picture of me and David and concert tickets etc. Yours look so much cooler! Hugs!

  3. I love this so much. I hope my fridge looks like this someday!

  4. Wonderful! Its great to have daily reminders of why we get out of bed in the mornings...LOVE. That's why. Hi Kari!!!!!!