Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cheers to a Pure Michigan Wedding!

When you have been out of the blog-o-sphere for over a month, it's a little overwhelming to pick something to write about. Lucky for me, I was a part of an amazing wedding event of one of my best friends and I wrote out a little toast for them that I want to share here.  

Cheers to a Pure Michigan Wedding! 
I feel like I can pinpoint the moment when I know I’m meant to be friends with someone. It's a little bit different with every person; a little different with every friend.  I feel like with some friends it's a collection of many little moments and with others you kind of just know right from the start that 
we were meant to be friends.

My “moment” with Hannah occurred in my classroom. Hannah was a new teacher and she was down the hall from me. She came in and nervously asked how I was doing. I said I was fine. I asked how she was, and as she burst into tears at my question; I knew we were meant to be friends. 
She claimed she NEVER cries and that she didn’t know exactly why she was crying then, but she blubbered out that it was just all too much!  She asked,
 “What am I supposed to teach?!” 
“How am I supposed to do this, there’s no curriculum!!!!”

That moment opened up our deep seeded connectedness. We were, as her blog title states, able to speak “heart to heart”. Now this isn’t an overly rare quality in a friendship, and especially one with Hannah. All of us here today could probably find a ‘pinpoint’ moment where Hannah’s heart hit ours. But for me, I was in a particularly vulnerable and lonely space when it came to people in my life who really knew me.
 I had suffered from a tragically superficial round of friends until I met Hannah.

I was able to open up to her in a way that I had not done for years. I was able to share things about myself that almost no one knew! It was refreshing and important for me to deeply trust and adore Hannah like I do.  We have a million moments we can go to now to celebrate and remember that 
we are indeed meant to be friends.

But, of course, this isn’t all about Hannah. J My favorite moment of the “Nick and Hannah” years was when they had not yet had their first date. Nick and Hannah helped supervise “Homework Club” at our school and Hannah would OFTEN come to me in a puzzled state wondering if she was reading Nick’s non-verbal’s and stealth-like verbal’s as flirting.

I wasn’t sure.

But we knew one thing, there was a spark.

The spark is what I love about Nick and Hannah. 
The spark is what will carry them through the rough times that lay ahead. 
The spark is what they’ll always have to remind them that this is real, it’s good and it’s forever.

Cheers to Hannah and Nick. 

May your love and spark continue to guide you.
 I love you.


  1. Welcome back, Kari! I've missed you but I am glad we have Instagram!
    Hannah sounds like such a wonderful person! It's great to have a friend like her!
    And her dress is soooo BEAUTIFUL! Wow!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! Her dress is gorgeous.

  3. What a wonderful tribute, Kari. Congrats to your beautiful friend :).

  4. a lovely speach for Hannah! (Also-i got to see more wedding photos!). I love the photo of you on her blog,on the hot sand!hehe-i feel like I was there hearing 'ouch ouch, hot hot!'