Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I know that I'm  #latetotheparty but the #hashtagcommunication is sorta
 #likeapuzzle to me.
Actually, this is the first time I have ever used the # sign to communicate. 
But I can't decide--
Do I love it or hate it? 
On one hand it's fun to figure out what sort of sarcasm or angle people bring to different situations by deciphering the non-spaced sentences that often reveal deep dark secrets:
{do you use punctuation like ( ' )? I don't think so...#yupvirgin}

But on the other hand, it's totally silly! I mean, do I really need another way of communicating the obvious??
In my quest to decide if I love this or hate it, I thought I would look up a little history of this fine form of communication and this is what I found:
The history of the #hashtag
Or, if you're a visual learner,
this is informative AND entertaining:
My take-away:
"No conference or speech is complete without a hashtag these days, binding together the ad-hoc community of observers and their pithy comments and memorable quotes."
I already think in terms of a Facebook status and/or a blog post, so maybe I'll embrace the #hashtagcommunication for a while and express what happened to me 
last night at Film at the Rocks:





  1. Thank you for following my blog:) I follow back!

    Haha you're so funny! The hashtag was seriously confusing for me too! And I didnt use it until I got an instagram. Now I use it every once in a while. I think its confusing when ppl use it on facebook. Why? I get it on twitter and instagram but facebook?


  2. I do not understand hashtags. I just don't. But you are the funniest!

  3. Look at you, bein' all funny with the hash tag trend. I love 'em on twitter and I love when they're funny, so you're all good in my book.