Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Flu" Should be a Four Letter Word

So, as it turns out, having the flu is really, really awful.
I've never had the flu.
I've had bad colds of course, but nothing like this.
The aches and pains of the flu made me cry
3 times.
My throat feels like I took a shot of some shards of  glass with a chaser of nails.
I've named this the "flu ninja" because it seemed to have come from nowhere and proceed to kick my ass--and it showed no mercy.

On day 3 of misery, I went to the doctor because I was worried about how sore my throat was. After I literally almost punched the nurse who took the throat 
culture to check for strep, 
{I guess I  have a rather high gag reflex, whoops...oh, and it's not strep--"just" the flu.}
I realized, yet again, I have no control over anything.
My body is forcing me to see this loud and clear.
So as I lay here taking nips from the 'tussin, I am trying to be grateful for the miracles that are getting me through. 
Miracles like:
accrued sick days
fur babies
cable TV
soft kleenex
warm blankets
and the knowledge that this won't last forever.
{I also discovered a great movie called "Away We Go" and a new addictive TV show called "Fringe"--I know it's been around a while...just now seeing it!}

Good health is not to be taken for granted and I can't wait to cherish every moment of it.


  1. So sorry to hear about the flu, Kari! I hope you will feel better soon! I never had the flu before but it must be so terrible. I am thinking of you!

  2. F-U Flu! And "Away We Go" is one of my absolute favorites. Our wedding song is from that movie!

  3. FLEWWWWWWW!! Hopefully by now you're feeling better! <3