Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Being Brave

I was recently told by two of my best friends that I am brave.
This word, 
caught me off guard.
It seems to be underused adjective to describe going through the scary stuff in life.
But it's such a good word!
Right now I am learning that being brave means that I trust my gut. 
It means that I recognize where I've been and where I need to now go.
 It means that I face change, being misunderstood, and the unknown with a sense of confidence that my journey is going exactly where 
it needs to be going.
As I look at my present moment, I am choosing to accept this word,
 and live in it.


  1. Perfect word for this season of life. Love you so much friend!

  2. I know we haven't met in reality yet but I can definitely tell that you are brave, strong and wonderful! Hugs!

  3. Being brave can be hard sometimes, but it helps us get through life! Keep it up!