Friday, June 14, 2013

But the filing cabinet really tied the room together, man!

When I moved out of my classroom I expected to feel that pang of emptiness and tangible closure.
I expected to feel in awe that the end to this chapter of my teaching life was really happening.
I did not expect to feel anger and disbelief that someone stole my filing cabinet.
I know, right?
A filing cabinet!
But it wasn't just any ole filing cabinet.
No, no, no.
This filing cabinet really tied the room together, man.
It tied it together because it was MINE!!!
I had 2 in my room--one was the schools and one was MINE.
When I went to move out the last of my stuff, I immediately noticed that MY filing cabinet was GONE.
Gone, man!
I was very, very perplexed and I tried to piece together what happened. As I scanned the room, I saw that the files from the school's cabinet were still in crates that I packed. I then opened said cabinet and inside there sat the files from MY cabinet!!!!
Someone emptied the files from MY filing cabinet into the school one and then
And it was a good one too.
It was nice.
Like, really nice.
I mean, it really did tie the room together.
I blog about this only to preserve the feelings felt by The Dude Lebowski and me:
Fuckin' A, man.
 I loved that filing cabinet.

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