Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Prickly WITH flowers (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Today I witnessed one of my most favorite miracles in the mundane.
My 3.5 year old "blooming" cactus that has NEVER bloomed before gave me this:
and then this:
You guys, this cactus was as good as dead several times in its little life and it has seen the edge of a trash can more times than I care to admit.
My  friend Hannah gave me this sweet cactus after we bonded over the incredible story
 Any Small Goodness and the idea that, just like this cactus, we are all
 "a little prickly with a chance of flowers."
This is one of my most favorite gifts I have ever received because it represents the hope that when it's somewhat counter-intuitive or illogical; miracles happen.
For this little cactus, I was sure that a bloom would never come. 
It never seemed to find its groove and it seemed extra "prickly" to me. 
So to  finally see a bloom, shows me that hope is alive and well.
 It shows me that I will eventually find my groove. 
It shows me that through all my prickliness, goodness will push through.
 It shows me that sometimes we have to be patient for miracles to happen.
 And they will happen. 
This "little cactus that could" has shown me that. 


  1. This is perfect! A daily reminder of hope in unlikely places. Miracles are possible! We just have to look.

  2. Oh wow, miracles really happen! So beautiful! Hugs!