Friday, January 30, 2015

Passion, Pride and Camaraderie

it's Super Bowl weekend. 
I get sick to my stomach when I even think about the teams that are playing.
I can't even type their names. 
The media has done a superb job of helping fuel my fire of hatred towards both teams.
Between the cheating,
and the pretentious a-holes,
it's confirmed that neither team is worth any of my energy. 
So, I will not be watching the Super Bowl this year--I just can't. 

But that isn't what this post is all about. 
This post is about navigating my grief process around the BRONCS! losing to the Colts and all the changes that are taking place with the organization. 
{I recognize that I'm being dramatic here, but guys. My BRONCS! let me down! 
I have to blog it out!}

My dad helped me put language to what I think we were missing this last season 
and what we need now.
Of course it's my dad; my rock, my BRONCS! companion, who helps me!

 It boils down to three ideas:
My dad read an article in the Denver Post about a BBQ competition that was held in the parking lot at the stock show in Denver a few weeks ago.
 The article talks about how BBQ competitions are no joke. There is a lot to think about
 and do in order to win--and by winning, I mean they rack up as much as $25,000.
Anyway, deep within the story, my dad reads this:
"...but talk with competitors, and the words popping up are more about passion, pride and camaraderie than purses, prizes and costs."
And this got him thinking.
These are the elements that have been missing or inconsistent for the BRONCS! and he's right. Allow me to rant explain. 

You gotta have passion for the game AND for winning in order to take it all the way. So, the way I analyze Peyton Manning's choice to not run 3 {freaking!} yards to get a first down during the Colts game--is lack of passion. It didn't seem like he was thinking about a      "do or die" situation like a passionate player might. 
...A passionate player, like, say, John Elway? 
Glory, this is a beautiful moment in football. 

I feel like Peyton, a handful of the coaching staff, and other players lacked passion this season. It felt like they were pulling teeth to amp up and be in the game. It feels like they were distant, not connected and it affected us. Passion for the game will make or break a team. History has shown us this over and again. 
If we don't have passion, we don't have anything. 

Unfortunately, football has become a money game. Contracts, sponsors and egos seem to be taking away from loyalty to a city and a team. I feel like the old school BRONCS! bled orange. They understood that the pride of their TEAM was on the line. They seemed to understand that the fans were wholly invested and they wanted the fans to be proud of them--on and off the field. 
I have to pick on Peyton Manning again. I have not really felt like he was ever a true Bronco.
 He shopped around for a new team and I kinda feel like we were the lesser of evils for him. 
I can't say that for sure, and I think he's a swell guy; I think he possess the character quality of loyalty, but does he or will he ever bleed orange?
I really don't think so...!
We need players and a coaching staff that believes in the Mile High Magic.
We need players and a coaching staff that truly understands what the Orange Crush is all about.
We need players and a coaching staff that, put simply, bleeds orange. 

I swear I respect Peyton Manning, but here's the deal. Does he truly have his teammate's backs? I mean, really, really have their backs? I listen to The Drive on 104.3 The Fan and Alfred Williams and DMac told a story about how it is extremely rare to see Peyton congratulate a teammate after they score a touchdown. He usually runs right to the sidelines and begins planning his next play. While his forethought and planning are a strength, he is missing the essential skill of taking in the moment and cheering on your fellow comrades. Alfred and DMac went on to say that it is well known that Peyton doesn't really have any friends on the team. 
No one asks him to go and get a beer or hang out.
This is a red flag to me.  
Camaraderie means that mutual trust and friendship exists because of how much time is spent together. There is a sense of fraternal brotherhood where you would do anything for one of your own.
 The idea of there's 'no I in Team' is not just a bumper sticker--it's a way of life. 
Did the BRONCS! have true camaraderie this season? 
I don't think so!

I had to write about this today because not only does it help me grieve, it helps me see hope in all of the decisions being made right now for the BRONCS! and I feel like the decisions being made so far points directly to Passion, Pride and Camaraderie. 
I also write about it because I think these principles should guide my life in general. I should be asking myself if what I am a part of and what I am helping build in my profession or otherwise, has these elements. If not, why and what can I do to make it a part of what's happening? 

{And if Peyton Manning decides to stay, I can only cross my fingers and hope that 
he gets it sooner than later.}

I think that we will rise from the ashes of this season {and last year's Super Bowl debacle} with a vengeance. Watch out, world, cause here we come! 

This just in: Today,  Demaryius Thomas said essentially THE SAME thing I just said! In an interview for NBC Sports, he said: “I feel like some guys, you know, didn’t have the fight or whatever it was,” Thomas said Friday. “It was totally a different team than last year."
Well, DT, the "whatever" are Passion, Pride and Camaraderie--of this I'm sure. 

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