Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry, Merry! {AKA, this is your Christmas card...}

Happy Christmas from the Laniels! 
We don't really send out holiday cards, and my Thanksgiving post is similar to this one, but as we reflect on the goodness that has been found in this season of our lives, I feel the need to blog out a holiday card this year.

Brian and I have been together for almost 10 years. 
Our first Christmas together, Brian gave me this sweet card:
There's a line that we have used from this card throughout our relationship:
Like Santa and Mrs. {Claus} we go great together. 
In fact, Brian incorporated that line into his wedding vows to me. 
I know. :)
So, when I saw this $10, are you kidding me???!!!!! priceless card, I had to have it. 
The inside of the card says,
"We go great together."
 I mean, come on. 
Now, as we head into another year together, we reflect with deep gratefulness on why we go great together and all the goodness that surrounds us. 

We have found goodness in our family and our home. 
Baxter {5.5} and Birney {12.5} bring us such joy every single day. They're so darn cute and so darn tolerant of what I do to make the season bright. 
The Grinch and Max the dog, ha!

 We still live in Congress Park, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Our little bungalow is everything it is supposed to be. We have so many great perks of living in this neighborhood-- from the breweries to the restaurant choices, we can definitely say that this neck of the woods fits who we are.

We have found goodness in our jobs. 
Brian got a promotion at work and is excited to take on all the challenges that this new chapter will bring. I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see him thrive. 
I am in my 8th year of teaching and though I don't picture myself retiring in this profession, I am super grateful for my coworkers and I cherish the moments when the kids "get it." And, because I teach middle school, I really never have a dull day at work. 

We found goodness in the trip of a lifetime we took to Europe in June. 
We had such an amazing trip to Italy and Paris and we cherish the memories we created there.
{A blog post about our trip is in production...!}

There are a million other things that we have found goodness in and as we head into 2016, we look forward to all the new places goodness will show itself. 
We hope that light, love and lots of goodness finds you and guides you into hope and happiness this holiday season and well into 2016. 

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