Monday, August 1, 2016

This is Unlimited Dedication

What is Unlimited Dedication?

For the Jacobsens, Unlimited Dedication has its most resilient roots at the CABIN! which holds 50 years of memories. 

We got to be together over the 4th of July weekend to strengthen these roots and create millions of new memories that will last a lifetime. Yes, all 55 of us in one place--yikes.
{ALL of my cousins were present with their families. Only 5 of my second cousins were unable to make it. I think this is incredible.}

As we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary and 50 years of the CABIN!, I was struck by the fact that all of my senses were in play.  When I see, hear, smell, taste and feel certain things in the future, I will be transported back to this magical weekend where Unlimited Dedication knows no bounds. 

What does Unlimited Dedication look like?
It looks like almost 100 people gathering to celebrate my parents while various members of the Jacobsen clan sings songs, uses props, puts on costumes, reenacts "the ultimatum", {and the truth about The Finger Story} recites original poems and does "magic" to creatively celebrate my parent's story. 

What does Unlimited Dedication sound like?
It sounds like a million laughs, 
{Hands down, the sound I will most remember from this year is laughter.}
 the CABIN! CD on endless repeat, cheering for new water skiers, the thump, thump, thump of cornhole madness, the elusive connection of a rock to the pole and lots and lots of stories being passed between all generations.

What does Unlimited Dedication smell like?
It smells like sunscreen on the Pontoon and the Oasis, lake water, fireworks {AKA fear!} and fire pit smoke for many, many s'mores. 

{And it probably smells a bit like wet dog, but he's so cute about it! :)}

What does Unlimited Dedication taste like?
It tastes like pulled pork sandwiches made from Brian's smoker, Nathan's jambalaya and corn salad, and maybe some Coors Light and a root beer barrel or 2...
Oh, and the sweet taste of victory for the Champs.

What does Unlimited Dedication feel like?
It feels like family. Amazing memories being made, deeper friendships formed, and that magical feeling of truly belonging to something greater than ourselves.  

This is Unlimited Dedication.

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