Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tasting salt water in October...

Oh fall break. You were so good to me. I am not sure I have ever needed a break like I needed this one! This year of teaching has proven to be especially draining. The dynamics of my classes are unique...I needed to get away...

Thankfully, my amazing younger brother, Nathan and his wife, Kim, live in San Diego and invited us out for fall break. It was perfect. We went to the beach one day and it was amazing. There is nothing quite like the ocean to make life better. The sounds, smells, and overall feeling of being at the beach is unmatched.

It's amazing how the ocean can be so intimidating and peaceful at the same time. I felt transformed and refreshed. And, it's official: tasting salt water in the month of October is truly a miracle in the mundane. :)

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