Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas! (duh!)

Christmas is here! Lights are up, trees are decorated and the radio is playing Christmas carols galore. Why, some would say it is the most wonderful time of the year! The core of me believes this, but there is also a lot of stress during this time of year as well. The money to spend on gifts, the travel, the hassle of decorating the house in a cute christmasy all adds up.

But I discovered that despite some of the stress there are still miracles to be found. First, it has to be my favorite: Christmas lights. I love, love, love the way that Christmas lights make everything look. The other night I walked under a tree that was covered in lights. I felt like I had entered a different world! It was bright and cheery and just so, so christmasy!

Next, it has to be holiday treats. I just ate some gingersnaps in the shape of trees. When else could you do this? The creative way Christmas is displayed in sugary goodness is just so fun to me!

Finally it is the music. There is a lot of Christmas music that is annoying, but there are a few classics that put me in the mood, no matter what. One of the songs that does this is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" It is sentimental and nostalgic. It makes me warm inside. It goes with "The Christmas Song" you know, the one with the chestnuts roasting on an open fire....isn't it just dreamy?! "Jingle Bell Rock" is a family favorite and there is a classic out there called "Christmas Is" that I have rarely heard...but when I do, I am sent back to footed pajamas flipping over the record to hear it over and over.

I heard "Oh Holy Night" today and it reminded me that there is a sense of awe and wonder about the season that is spiritual. I don't really know where I land in the spiritual world these days, but that song, today, made me feel in awe of this season being bigger than us. From the manger, to the magic of Santa, we have the chance to take the time look beyond our stress and hopefully see the beauty of the Holidays.

Miracle in the Mundane: Christmas.

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