Sunday, January 23, 2011


Everyone needs a Tina in their life. If you don't, I feel super sorry for you. Seriously. Tina is that friend who lights up a room and makes your day better. She sparkles.

She is the perfect combination of witty, practical, sincere, passionate and driven. She is that friend you would want to call if something wonderful happened in your life or something tragic. She would drop everything to celebrate or commiserate.

I learn so much from Tina. I have learned how to truly be myself..."my fabulous self" as she would say! She has taught me to take risks and follow my dreams. She has shown me that life is precious and that what we do with what we are given means a lot. Her career is helping people find their personal style and own it with gusto. This is not an easy career! People are reluctant to embrace who they are or who they should be...but Tina perserveres and she shows people how great they are...this is amazing. (Check out her website:

Her effervescence is contagious. Her generosity and heart make people feel like a million bucks. I am not sure I can think of enough adjectives to capture who Tina is or what she means to me. It is her birthday today, and I can't imagine a better person in the world to celebrate.

Oh Tina. You are my miracle in the mundane today. You are amazing and I love you!


  1. oh my sweet kari! you are so dear to me! i would not be who i am today without you. thank you so much for you love, friendship, kisses, joy, energy, support and being your fabulous self! love you! xo

  2. i think i need a tina in my life too! great post :-)