Monday, January 17, 2011

Beatrice gets the game point!

Amazing photo of Beatrice serving!

Game 3...the score is 23-24 us. If we get the next serve, we win the game. The next server: Beatrice. Her name pretty much sums it up. She is a Beatrice through and through. I think I could tell this to her face, but she is the worst player on the team. Truly. She has probably had 5 serves go over the net--in her whole life! She is however, the player with the most heart. By far.

When we taught the "ready" position, she took every element to heart. She is ALWAYS the most ready. She just can't quite get to the ball and put it over the net. But. Like I said, she has absolutely the most heart of any player on the team.

So. Here we are. Game point and Beatrice is up...and just like the Hollywood version of "the" game point in ANY sports movie you have ever seen, Beatrice does it. She gets the freakin' ball over the net.

As it barely dribbled over onto the other side of the net, we all held our breath. The other team wasn't prepared for such a strategic placement of the ball :) and, as if in slow motion, the referee blows the whistle and motions his arms across his chest to mark the end of the match.

We won. We freaking won on Beatrice's game point serve.

It was incredible. I am not sure I have ever felt so elated. It wasn't so much the win, of course. It was that it was Beatrice. She marks the epitome of "most improved player" and makes coaching worth it.

Beatrice, who has very little athletic ability, experienced the most precious of athletic moments any athlete dreams of. Winning the game with HER serve!

Oh Beatrice. You truly are a miracle in the Mundane.

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