Thursday, March 31, 2011


There are many things that I love about my husband. He is kind, funny, generous, and quite handsome. He makes me feel safe, beautiful, happy, (truly, deeply happy, not just happy-happy…) and he encourages me to be the person I am supposed to be.

And then there is his passion for beer. Yup. Beer. I love that Brian has a passion for beer. He loves to analyze it, he loves to try new kinds, he loves to talk about it and he loves to brew his own. His home brew is quite simply, amazing. It is only amazing, however, because he takes the time to educate himself about each part of the process and then he takes the time to execute that process to perfection.

This week we had the chance to partake in a private tour of Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City. During the tour (which was AWESOME!) I recognized the beer making process on a new level and on a level that made me appreciate Brian’s passion for beer making even more. some of the process...wort, hops, beer!

We got to meet chemists, tasters, bottlers, mixer uppers (I’m pretty sure that is the official name…) and even the founder/owner of Boulevard, John McDonald. To say the least, it was quite a treat to see the inside makings of this great beer.

The tour showed me that Brian is a part of a great thing, beer. And beer brings people together. :)

I also recognized the miracle of process during this tour. I have always appreciated the philosophy that the process is often more important than the end result of something. The beer process is no different. Each and every step of making beer is crucial to how the beer turns out. Every aspect must be closely monitored in order for it to work. The bonus of this process is that the end result is: BEER! And beer is awesome.

I love my husband for many, many reasons and I like to find depth in those reasons. Brian’s miracle of making beer is among them.

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