Friday, March 25, 2011

Carlos finished his assignment!

Carlos is the kid you might picture middle schoolers to act like, and then some. He is the kid who is a little rough around the edges and ends up in detention every week. Add a challenging home life, temptation to follow the wrong crowd, choices that often cause him to be in trouble and you've got him.

So when he turned in his project after doing it at home, (without me asking) and making it more than was expected (he added elements to it that weren't a part of the grade) it was about all I could do to not go running the halls of the school yelling "Carlos finished his assignment!!!!!!"
This miracle helps me know that it's worth it. All too often I get discouraged with the Carlos' in my classes...but then this happens. Carlos has shining moments that make my teacher's heart melt. It causes me to view him in a way that shows off the person I know he can be. The potential of his desire to do well and go above and beyond what is asked of him gives me hope.

Thanks, Carlos. Your project is great and I am so proud.

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