Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sometimes @#$% happens

I've learned a lot about myself today. I have learned that I am rather impatient, I feel hurt when people are rude or "too" busy for me, I need a fair amount of reassurance that someone is in my corner and that an apology can go a long way.

It really isn't worth getting into all the gory details here, but suffice it to say that it's true: Sometimes people suck and sometimes the bumper sticker below is all too true...

But. (There is always a big BUT... )

But I know that there is a definitive hope that we are all broken and that the people that I think suck, may think the same thing about me and they may even be blogging about it! This helps me know that we are all in the same boat (even if it feels like we are sinking!) and that we are all trying to make it in this crazy world. I also see that there is a lot of power in apologies when we realize we have been wrong.
So I need to apologize more, extend more grace, count to ten before I lose it and realize that @#$% does happen, but it can be a miracle if I choose for it to be.

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  1. i love this one. why did i miss out on this post last wednesday...could have been a great reminder for thursday. i always want to be in your corner.