Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The good old fashioned 'Thank You' note

Thank you. These powerful, amazing words that are not used nearly enough, soothed my tired soul yesterday.

Brian and I received handwritten, homemade thank you cards from the ENTIRE Puckett family yesterday. That's right. FIVE cards were carefully made and written then delivered in our mail. Each card was crafted with sincerity and love. Each card had elements of personality and quirk of the writers. Each card had specific memories, inside jokes or gratitude for the gifts we brought to KC on our visit there. Each card revealed the miracle of these two wonderful words.

We don't say thank you enough and we surely don't say it enough through paper, ink, Crayola and original art. I am so grateful for the physical reminder of 'thank you' and I promise to thank more people in my life for the amazing ways they are shaping me...and I plan on doing this by writing a good old fashioned thank you note.

Solomon's original art. Awesome.

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  1. I love this so very much!
    THANK YOU for sharing it!