Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take This Advice...

I came across one of those "10 ways to..." lists in a magazine about how to enjoy life. It was instantly fridge worthy and has lived there for several months. I recently looked at it again and realized that I feel like I am losing my spark a bit and need some reminders of how to maintain my sense of self...and not go crazy. (ha!) So, I thought I would share it to recognize that taking on some simple advice can be miraculous.

10 Ways to Help Maintain a Happy Life:

. Floss! Take care of your teeth. I think this is meant for general dental hygiene, of which I am a fan, but it also reminds me that something like flossing is a ritual that brings me back to the goodness of monotony. I sometimes need monotony to remind myself to slow down and take care of me.

2. Don't worry too much or be discouraged by other people's opinions. It's human nature to interact with the opinions of others. What we do with those opinions can make or break us. This advice is, of course, much easier said than done, but when practiced, my spark sparks.

3. Create good habits, such as the way you eat and exercise. Again, this is much easier said than done for me. I struggle, and have struggled with my weight and overall appearance my whole life. I know the solution is to simply create good habits. I have found some hope in this philosophy, but it's still a major struggle.

Brunch goodness counts as a good habit, right?4. Don't waste time trying to impress the fools. yup.

5. Avoid drama and don't spend your time talking about it or giving in to it. Teaching 7th grade helps me master this one!

6. Count your blessings every day. Or, try to find miracles in the mundane. :)

7. Enjoy nature. I'm not a hike-a-holic or a mountaineer of any sort but when I take time to even simply look at my neighbor's lawn and breathe in the scents of nature, I am happier. It's spring, so of course there is so much to enjoy. The trees are like Christmas lights to me right now...colorful, bright and they make me happy.

I heart spring.8. Spend every second you can with your grandparents, and write down what they tell you. Film them if you can. Oh what great advice! Those of you that do have your grandparents, please do this!!! I don't have mine anymore, but there are many ways I can treasure them. My grandparents on my dad's side bought a cabin in MN in 1968. It is still in the family and I will bet there with Brian and Baxter for 2 weeks in June. Being there helps me re-connect with my grandparents. It is a special time that I deeply cherish. Remembering my family history reminds me that I am a part of something bigger and this keeps me grounded.

The Cabin. Pure bliss. Thank you grandpa and grandma for all the sacrifices you made for this piece of heaven to be a part of my sanity.9. Keep a diary. OR A BLOG! :) Writing is therapeutic. Even if you think you are a terrible writer, write. The release is worth it. Then, look at other blogs like this for inspiration: http://www.hannahdevries.blogspot.com/ or http://www.destinationallison.blogspot.com/

10. Love and be loved. I love the action and reaction of this advice. If I love, I am actively doing so. If I am being loved, I must be in a place to receive love. I have learned that sometimes this is difficult! To love and be loved is a daily choice, but when we choose to do it, it makes life better.


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