Friday, April 29, 2011

What this kid sees...

So my 5th period class has been a challenge for me this year. The degree of differences in learners is astounding. I have refugee students who don't speak English, way below 7th grade level learners, at grade level learners and two kids with severe medical issues like being diagnosed with being bi-polar, severe ADHD, Anxiety Disorder and Defiance Disorder. (I know!!!) Throw in behavior issues from other kids and BAM! Mrs. Laniel has a higher potential of 'losing it.' (!!!!)

In fact, this is the class that has made me front of them...seriously. I am not proud, but it just happened.

Then today a miracle from one of the students occurred that made me cry, but in a good way.

Here is what I read when I was grading our projects. Her theme was on 'Having Heart':

Things Mrs. Laniel DoesDear Mrs. Laniel,

I feel sympathy for how the class treats you. Here are some of the things you are and that you do.

1: You give me hope!!!
2: You are brilliant!!!
3: When something goes wrong you are always there to help!!!

4: You are confident!!!
5: You are the definition of heart!!!

Mrs. Laniel you don't ever go with the flow because you are the flow. You are the reason I never give up on things. I only do this because you never give up on us no matter what we do.

Sometimes I don't get why people would want to steal from you lie to you or even make you cry. When I see you I think wow! I wish I could be more like you because you are {GENEROUS,SWEET ,NICE, AND YOU WORK HARD FOR US} .

If a class ever made me cry or stole from me I would go crazy- maybe even quit but you are just so wonderful! You never give up on us.

I'm thankful for what this student sees...I am on a definite count down for summer, but this sweet miracle helps me keep my perspective. :)

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