Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have this thing about trees...

This may be the post that people finally say "Alrighty! Kari IS a bit loopy!" This is because I have a thing about trees. I don't just think trees are pretty, (uh, but they are!) I think they are the holder of my secrets...

Let me tell you about Eloise. Eloise is an amazing, beautiful, and smart English Oak that is tied for second as a "Champion Tree". (Seriously! She's famous!) She is almost 100 feet tall and her crown spans 75 feet. I am lucky enough to have her one block from my house.

I can tell Eloise anything. She lets me blabber on about the various issues I have in my life and she listens with grace. If I am having a rough day, I know that if I just go and spend even a minute with Eloise, I am more at ease about my life.

I learned about allowing trees to hold my secrets at a young age. I grew up in Evergreen where the listening trees are in abundance. I have a special place, however, that started it all.

There is a little pocket of heaven near my childhood house that has a creek and a small field. The field is grassy, but it is surrounded by tall, magnificent blue spruces. These spruce trees gave me hope that I could trust trees to hold my secrets. I needed a place to release the questions, fears, dreams, and triumphs of my life and I found out that trees let me do this.

So here I am now, at age 40, still talking to trees because I still need to tell them my secrets.

I highly recommend finding a tree in your neighborhood to talk to. Your secrets will be kept safe and sound and you’ll find it’s a true miracle to have a tree on your side.

Isn't Eloise pretty? :) (all of these pics, sans the spruce, are of her!)

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