Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today is May 24th!!!!!!!

I found my journal entry from May 24, 2008, Brian and I’s wedding day. Journals are vulnerable and awkward. I get that. In addition to some of the awkwardness of sharing my journal, I need to share some of my story for the context of this blog post.

In 2003 I met and married a wonderful person named Matt. After 55 days of marriage, Matt was killed in a car accident. We were living in California at the time. I decided to move to downtown Denver in January of 2004 and I feel like I reinvented my life. I met amazing people, and savored those already in my life, who helped heal my wounded heart and helped me know how to be myself; my new self.

In 2006 I met Brian. We met in the most unlikely of places…the Bar Bar!..a shady little hole in the wall in Five Points. If you want to truly believe in Fate, ask me more about this night… Basically, Brian and I were meant to meet then and there, and now, here we are. :)

So, today is our 3 year anniversary. We got married in Crested Butte and it was breathtaking. When I found my journal entry from our wedding day, I realized what an amazing journey my heart has taken. I decided to type it out here (I have other gifts besides my handwriting!) and share. I think I am sharing because we all have our own stories and we have gotten to where we are through many different types of experiences. Our hearts are resilient and reflecting on this journal entry reminds me of this.

I am getting married TODAY. I am writing in the dark, 3:30ish looking out on Mt. Crested Butte. I am committing my life to Brian today. Marriage is what I’ve always wanted and here we are. 2 years ago I realized that I wanted to love again—2 years ago I was fragile and unsure of my life—but here I am.I know I am marrying someone who loves me. Not that this wasn’t true 5 years ago but there is something about Brian that is undeniably perfect and wonderful. I guess this idea of one soul mate isn’t for me. I found that Matt and I were connected in a serious way…but so are Brian and I. Of course it’s different...of course. But this different is good.

What I say in our vows about him being my best friend—I can’t stress what that means to me. I guess every word in our vows is important. I’m doing the ring vows—with all that I am and all that I have I honor you—This is a whole new commitment to Brian. I’m switching my commitment today. Brian is who I honor and pledge my love to. No one else. No one. I love deeply –I think this is emotional because I loved Matt, deeply.

But here I am today—loving Brian deeply and here is Brian loving me deeply. I am so sure of this. I’m excited to be committing to a life together with Brian and Brian alone, no one else.

I knew I would love again and here I am. Sure of Brian, loving again. It was a season of winter—long, cold, lonely—for Brian too…this season of not being truly loved. For me, grief--losing love and not sure of gaining it again was my winter…the slippery streets of winter…but here comes the sun…Brian and I to each other’s life and seeing the sun.


TODAY IS MAY 24!!!!!!!!!!!
So. There it is. What my heart was doing on May 24th 2008. It was a perfect day. It was an emotional day. And it was a day where the sun came out and began lighting our path. It was a true miracle in the mundane.


  1. "What an amazing journey my heart has taken." Tu-shay. Thanks for sharing this one. I love how honest it is.

  2. So moved by reading this. Great post. and happy anniversary (a little bit after the 24th) to a beautiful couple.

  3. I love you Kari!! So blessed to have been a part of your journey. Miss you...

  4. This made me tear up! Ohhh Kari, how I love you! And your blog! And Brian too! I'm so glad you guys are part of my life, even if it is only 2x/year. Can't wait to see you this summer :-) xoxoxoxo