Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Embracing the little things...

Our family is facing some pretty rough seas right now. My Uncle is riddled with cancer. It's only been about 6 weeks since we found out and he doesn't have much longer to live. It is certainly surreal to think through all of this and know what to feel. I know I feel angry at cancer. I truly believe that cancer is evil in its purest form. Cancer strips you of everything you know to be true. From physical appearance to expectations about life and what life means. It challenges beliefs, values, and any sort of logic. It takes away any sort of dignity a person has and reduces it to that which is unrecognizeable. There is absolutely no control over what cancer does to families.

Thankfully, as the beer glass below says we are Jacobsen's and we thrive on Unlimited Dedication. This sort of philosophy brings some strength to a bleak future.

So on days like this, breakfast with a good friend means a lot. (I heart you, Hannah)

And embracing the little things, like these donuts:

or these amazing "sliders": (thank you, Jelly!)

or being able to plan a wedding reception for a friend, go to Mulberries to order the cake and then indulge on this little number:

These little things happen to be food related (hmmm...) but I just saw a butterfly twitter by...I am smelling our neighbor's rose garden, and Baxter is at my feet. I know that these little things can help ease the humongous burdens that evils like cancer bring us.

I beg you to look for miracles in the mundane today. Find the little things. Embrace them. Hug your family and friends. Be grateful.

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  1. Tons of little things in my life--thanks for making me slow down and appreciate them!