Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Trips and Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio...

Destination: CABIN! But there is 774 miles of highway madness before I get there...I am 587 miles in and I couldn't be more grateful to be in Mitchell, South Dakota, home of the one AND only Corn Palace. I am not sure I will have time to tour this magnificent site, but I do have time to unwind in my very spacious Hampton Inn suite. I have free internet, a king size bed and cable t.v.... Sweet Bliss, indeed.

Baxter and I may or may not be watching Bring It On: All or Nothing on the t.v....hmmm
Baxter and I took to the road early this morning to make it here before dark. Brian is already at the cabin for "opening weekend" with all the men in the family. I will be joining him ASAP Sunday...

The road trip was, thankfully, quite uneventful. Baxter did great. He didn't really ever relax and crash out, but he didn't puke or have any sort of accident, so it feels successful :)

I was a bit anxious about travelling by myself and all that goes into when I pulled into the hotel parking lot and saw a Ruby Tuesday (artichoke dip!) and a "liquor store" in the same complex, my nerves instantly relaxed. (okay, so the liquor store was a part of a gas station/taco bell and it featured mostly SoDak wine (??)...but it was still an oasis...)
Never have I been so excited to indulge in Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio over ice in a paper cup.I can't wait to get to the cabin, but I am so very grateful that this fine establishment has made this road trip pretty awesome.

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  1. I have taken a quick trip through the corn palace and while it was certainly lovely, I think I may have preferred an evening with yellow tail. Good choice. Have fun!