Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Lilies

When someone dies, it's often difficult to to see everyday things like you normally do. Often all of your senses are dulled and stuck in a sort of fog.

I am attending 2 memorial services this month. One for my Aunt Donna who passed away in April from cancer and one for my Uncle Roy who died Saturday-- 47 days after he found out he had a large tumor on his liver. Both of these amazing people were on my Jacobsen side of the family. My Aunt was married to my Dad's oldest brother, Dave and my Uncle was my dad's next oldest brother who lived here in Denver. There are a million things I could say about the extraordinary lives that my Aunt and Uncle led. They were both courageous, inspirational and wonderful people to be around. My family is forever changed because of these losses. I am profoundly sad.
My Uncle Roy with my dad at a Broncos game.
My Aunt Donna with her son Danny.

It is difficult to understand how meticulous and vicious cancer is. It's difficult to see what it does to a person and how to make sense of all the questions that loom once they're gone. I know this is true for any sort of death, but cancer, evil manifest, confounds me.

Thankfully, as I question "the big picture" I have been blessed by many of my friends supporting me and loving me. For this I am truly grateful. And, as luck would have it, right now is the prime blooming time for summer lilies. These magnificently bright flowers are showing me color I've had trouble seeing. Thank you summer lilies for being so miraculous for me this week.


  1. Kari - I am so sorry for your losses. You are right, cancer is so very evil. I will never forget that you were the one that held me when I got the phone call "yes, you have cancer." You cried with me and told me I would make it.

    Hang in there and cherish the memories you have of your aunt and uncle.

    I love you my friend.

  2. Hold on to the scent and vision of those lilies. Love you!