Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birney, the perfect cat

Birney has been saving my life for 8 years now. If you haven't met Birney, your life is not quite complete, sorry. Even the "non cat-people" agree that Birney is one cool cat. (I mean, he smiles! Come on!)

He came into my life randomly, yet really it was an ordained by a higher power sort of way. He was a stray kitten that was brought to me the morning of the funeral for Matt. (Click on this blog post for further back story.)This is very tragic, I know...I feel a bit naked writing this, but it's how I got him. He was wandering around Sheridan, WY and a friend of Matt's brought him to me. It was illogical and quite ridiculous to bring a pet into my life when I didn't even know what day it was or how I was going to take my next breath.
"Cat nap" is truly captured here...

But there he was. Ready to love me unconditionally and make my life bearable. He moved with me to Denver and I reinvented my life with Birney in it. (BTW, Birney is the name of a small town in MT that has significance for me...and it's such a cute name!)

This summer, as my life with Baxter (our dog) is progressing and I am more and more a 'dog-person' I can't help but see the amazing miracle that Birney is in my life. He lumps his 16 pound body on me every day and purrs like a John Deere. He is always present and has put up with 55 pounds of puppy like a champ.
The irritation is unmistakable...what a trooper Birney is for sharing this coveted space with a silly dog!

He is a true cat-cat...playful, sleepy, funny and comforting. And, if you have been to any of our parties, Birney is a party cat. He doesn't sleep until we do!

Oh Birney. Thanks for saving me. Cheers to many more years together.


  1. Just read this blog and the one you linked in to this one.
    You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. It's beautiful, magnificently beautiful!

  2. Thank you, Birney, for saving Kari!!!