Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"You were caught being cool"

It always feels good to be told "you're cool!" and when a middle schooler tells you, it's pretty much amazing. I mean, I'm the old teacher who makes them read silently for 25 minutes and then write about their reading. How much cooler can I get?

Well, today I was handed a SHARP Spartan. SHARP Spartans are a part of the positive behavior program at our school. In a nutshell, the program, PBiS, is a national program schools use to teach appropriate school behaviors. Each school creates expectations about behavior and they put that to an acronym. Ours is SHARP (the acronym description is in the picture) so we give out SHARP Spartans (The Spartan is our school mascot) to those who display the expected behavior. There are special staff SHARP Spartans too, of which I was given.

I happen to be the PBiS facilitator at our school. I also happen to have been interviewed about it and quoted on the APS website, so being SHARP is near and dear to my heart.

Well, today the SHARP Spartan I was handed had been altered it a bit. I personally think it is an improvement. Forget SHARP. "You were caught being cool" is much better. Notice I am also quite persistent at being cool. Well, duh. I teach middle school...persistence AND cool is my middle name. :)

Long story for a short miracle to some, but it's been a heck of a week and it's only Tuesday. This little slip of paper is a true miracle in my world.

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