Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finding beauty and hope along the way...

I have been quite reflective this week of the many roads we travel to be get where we are. Our life journey is unpredictable, amazing, sweet, tragic, seemingly unfair at times and never boring.

I have been struck with a profound amount of sadness for those who have lost loved ones too soon. I wonder why it happens. I wonder how we learn to navigate the new roads that lay before us. I wonder how we make sense of road blocks and detours we don't choose. I was reminded through my friend Kate's blog that learning to live with the questions is part of living life. Her post inspired me to reflect on the roads that have led to the places we are.

The sadness is still lingering (and maybe it will always be there) but this weekend I was reminded look at nature for surprises, to cherish the simple things, and embrace the roads we are on for what they are.

We had the chance to go to Vail and it was spectacular. It is seriously the most perfect place on Earth right now. From the weather to the golden Aspen trees, it's truly breathtaking.

Once we got there we didn't intend to hike the way we did. We didn't go on a set trail and we didn't have a plan. We just started in on the ski hill and discovered all sorts of great paths. It seemed like at every turn we were blown away with the beauty of fall in it's fullest form

I was mostly struck that there was beauty in every direction. Every now and then I would remember to look back at where we had just walked and the view had changed from when we first saw it.

These different perspectives reminded me that there are many layers to our life journey. Grief, joy, love, and change is interwoven with reality in such a way that sometimes it's surprising. The paths I have been on may not be what I have chosen and I may not be able to plan where I go. But if I can find beauty and hope along the way, I'm gonna be okay.

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  1. I LOVE this, and you are most definitely OKAY!