Thursday, October 20, 2011

"This book was miraculous."

It's been amazing to see my students be transformed by literature. We just finished reading the book Holes by Louis Sachar and it was a true delight. The story is one that you should just read to fully appreciate. Here is a nicely done book review about it, but really, this one from one of my 6th graders seems to capture the magic:

This book was astonishing. If I were to read any book that I've already read it would have to be this book. If I were to actually give this book a rating I would give it five stars or two thumbs up. This realistic fiction book had a lot of courage and commitment. When Stanley carried Zero up the mountain, that took commitment. Also, when they had to eat onions for a long time, that takes courage. Louis Sachar, you did an amazing job on this book. I hope you write another book as good as this one. I highly doubt you will, but it wouldn't hurt to try. This book was miraculous. I encourage you to read this book if your looking for adventure and a story about a powerful friendship.

It doesn't seem to get any better than this.

P.S. Holes was turned into a movie in 2003, so I get to start my MUCH NEEDED fall break with a few movie days. :)

P.S.S. It's a well done movie! If you don't have the chance to read the book and have it change your life like it did for my student, Netflix it today. :)

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