Saturday, December 3, 2011

The stories they tell

A few Christmases ago, our tree fell over and we lost several ornaments. I cried instantly and like an inconsolable child. I was devastated that some of our most memorable ornaments went to ornament heaven before their time.

I cried because I know that Christmas ornaments tell the best stories. They tell stories of all sorts of people from our past and present. They trigger laughter, tears and sentiment like no other Christmas tradition can do. It seems that most of them are extensions of our childhoods, our traditions (old and new) and they hold memories from past and present.

My Nephews as babies...sigh...and my Wyoming nephew, Liam's art work when he was in pre-school. (Again, sigh...they get so big so fast!)
My mom crocheted these snowflakes when I was about 5 years old. I'm grateful to have a few!

As we trimmed the Christmas tree today, we exchanged the stories that our ornaments hold. We re-told stories we have said every year. We laughed at the silliness of some of them and we had a moment of silence for the ornaments that we lost a few years ago.

John Elway has adorned the top of my tree since 1995.

My friend from UNC gave this to me probably 15 years ago. Go Bears! :)
May you listen, tell and be in awe of the amazing stories that your ornaments tell.

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  1. And may you continue to tell the stories of the ornaments that were broken when your tree fell!
    Merry Christmas!