Friday, January 20, 2012

What's guiding you today?

Last week I had an epiphany of sorts. A very good friend of mine was told that her mom's biopsy came back clean. My email to her said something like, "I'm glad your day can be guided by relief!" That got me thinking. What does guide us every day? What do we allow into our psyche, or our hearts, or our beings that ultimately guides us?

I posted this deep thought on Facebook and as fate would have it, the post fell on the virtual high of the Broncos win and Tebow mania. Many of my friends were being guided by Tebow or the BRONCS! (This was absolutely appropriate!) I had a few people post about being guided by obsessive/compulsive behavior and a few by worry and one by her tummy :). That day I said I that my day started by being guided by anxiety and I was pushing for peace. (Of course, I did offer that my anxiety be turned around by some BRONCS! hype...but...)

Since that day I have been aware of what guides me. Is it jealousy, fear, anxiety and other little nuggets of despair? Or can it be hope, joy and peace that life is life?

Obviously there are days that we will have no choice but to be led by worry or anxiety and such. (What if my friend's mom's tests had come back with a different result?) But I am realizing that I have to choose what leads me. I have a tendency to let the negative take over. I get into dark places that seem impossible to get out of.

Today I am fighting with everything I have not to be guided by jealousy. I am trying to be at peace with where I am in life right now and not be overwhelmed with the "what ifs and should'ves" that plague me.

I need to choose to be guided by the fact that there is a lot to be grateful for. There are a million miracles in my life I can celebrate. I want those to guide me today.

What's guiding you today?

P.S. I chose pictures of my favorite roads that have brought me to places of peace and hope...these roads remind me to be guided by what I know to be good.


  1. Heart your email words of wisdom
    heart your blog
    heart you!

  2. I think my favorite thought from this entire blog is that ultimately we get to choose what guides us. When my days get off, or I lose focus, I hope I can still manage to find a light to guide my day! I think I want my guides to alternate between determination, patience, open-mindedness, and love.
    Can I have three?