Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finding Inspiration

I needed some inspiration for my blog and then I remembered what my friend Maura did a while ago on hers. She did a 30 day challenge of sorts by documenting this list:

A picture of you that is embarrassing…A picture of your favorite building…A picture of where you work…A picture of a trip you took… A picture you took while driving… A picture you took indoors…A picture you took outdoors… A picture of someone you lost touch with. ..A picture that makes you nervous… A picture of something that was created by you... A picture of a stranger. Why did you photograph this person?...A picture of something red…A picture of an animal…A picture of you in costume…A picture of a co-worker...A picture of something you've never seen before… A picture of you that would surprise most people… A picture that evokes strong emotion from you… A picture of something purple… A picture of your personal sanctuary, or the place you go to clear your head...A picture of your favorite restaurant… A picture of your guilty pleasure… A picture taken at sunrise… A picture taken at sunset… A picture of someone you will never lose touch with…A picture that brings back your strongest childhood memory…A picture of something old… A picture of something new…A picture of something that moves too fast…A picture of something that moves too slow…

So, I thought I would try it too.
Join me as I attempt to document these heights and depths of life, love and everything in-between.


  1. Yay! I can't wait to see all your photos and hear all your stories! <3

    1. Thanks to you friend! You inspire me in SO MANY ways...xoxo

  2. Cool--I can't wait to follow you as you take this picture journey!

  3. I feel inspired - gonna steal and go on my own journey, as well as follow yours. Smiles!!