Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm a poet and I didn't even know it...

This post's title is a bit misleading...I am a closet poet and I do know it...sorta.

We are tackling the not so popular subject of poetry in my reading classes. We teach how to read poetry and we try to analyze it so there is some sembulance of confidence built when the state assessment approaches.

Today, I used a poem I wrote as a way of  breaking the poetry ice. I am bravely sharing my poem here as a way of getting my writing 'out there'. Thanks for being my faithful fans. :)

The Poet

Poets create constellations.
Their stars are words that seem to have no form,
but then turn into celestial arrangements with
simple rhyme or reason or stories
that must be told.

The heart is moved and shaped
because of the poet's ability
to configure the seemingly simple,
into something magnificent.


  1. I think you're a great poet! Love it!

  2. I am just seeing this now, but I LOVE it!! Can I use it as a mentor text??

  3. Love it! I love your new blog look too!