Saturday, February 11, 2012


Not having biological sisters makes me super grateful for my friendship "sisters". Two of my very favorite "sisters" are getting married this year! Hannah and Calley are on the road to wedded bliss and I get to be a part.

In May you will find me sitting the tallest watching Calley and Aaron tie the knot. Calley's beauty will radiate as her spunky and sparkly personality shines. Aaron is one lucky man to have Calley in his life. She is one of those people that you instantly adore. She is funny, real, caring and pretty much just awesome.

In June, you will see me standing the tallest watching Hannah marry Nick. I have been asked to be a  bridesmaid. Yup, I'll be the 41 year old bridesmaid...and I couldn't be more excited.
This card, which Hannah gave me as an invitation to be part of the wedding, says it all:
Hannah makes me feel happy. She allows me to be myself in a way that is relatively rare and I treasure this. She is kind, real and utterly gorgeous. Nick is lucky, lucky, lucky. 

So, Mazel tov! to my "sisters"! I can't wait to be a part of your special days and to cheer you on as your journey unfolds.
Thanks for letting me be your "sister".

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