Friday, February 3, 2012

Thank you, Bret Saunders.

I'm kinda (who am I kidding) definitely a routine girl. I am especially fond of routine on a work day. I am absolutely confident that if I couldn't listen to the 'BCO morning show with Bret Saunders
every morning I would be miserable.
 Seriously, miserable.

Bret has a way about him and his show that brings interest, humor, "coolness" and spark that ALWAYS helps me be in a better space to teach middle schoolers.
I anticipate his quick weather report around 6AM, his banter with Robbyn Hart before the "what you need to know" news segment at 6:25 and the "much too early for a question, question" at 6:40ish. (See! Routine!)It is a rare day that I don't chuckle or smile at something Bret says.

Thank you Bret Saunders for being you.

P.S. Just a small suggestion for Bret: my routine would be even happier if James Taylor was not played between 5:15-7:10 :)

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