Friday, April 6, 2012

#21: A picture of your favorite restaurant

This post was the hardest one to do from  the finding inspiration list.
See, we're kinda foodies in this neck of the woods, so this means we're pretty much snobs
when it comes to restaurants.
I think for me, picking a favorite restaurant obviously has a lot to do with the food...I am partial to what I call overpriced  
fancy American cuisine. I also love Asian flare and menus that have surprises.
Oh, and yummy, creative cocktails are always a bonus.

I think, though, that equally important to the food is definitely the atmosphere and the overall experience. When I walk into a restaurant, I anticipate being transported to another place. I mean, I go out to eat as a sort of escape from the hum drum routine, so I want it to be worth it--I want it to be memorable. 

Okay, enough with the hemming and hawing--I'm getting to the goods...
I couldn't choose just one place, (surprise!) so I have a few places that are my fave for a few reasons.

I think the word that fits my first choice is magical. Beatrice and Woodsley on South Broadway will transport you to another world. You walk in and instantly feel, well, you feel different. Talk about escaping to a better place... The aspen trees, the bar, the bathroom (!!) --all of it is just magical.

They also have fun and very unique cocktails that could possibly change your life.
  They serve seasonal fresh foods and pretty much everything is delish. (Brunch is a definite highlight!)
Even if you just go to have a drink--you will not be disappointed. 
Umm, please go to this restaurant, ASAP!

Next would have to be Fruition on E. 6th Avenue.
This hits my list because Brian and I spent our first wedding anniversary here and the experience reminded me of a place we went to on our honeymoon--Babbo in New York City.
(This is a whole other post--but if you're EVER in NYC, GO to Babbo!!!)
Fruition's service, attention to detail, intimate setting, and perfectly prepared food is just  
all so delicious and perfect--you can't miss. 

My newest obsession is Linger in LoHi.
Dear Lord.
This place blew. my. mind.
Linger pretty much encompasses the whole shebang--
The food --It's global "street food"--we recommend having your wait person go around the world for you--let them pick their faves and taste a lot of amazing things.
The drinks--we recommend doing the bartenders choice--tell them your liquor/taste preferences and they will make you a dangerously delicious delight.
The atmosphere--umm. Hello. The whole place is amazing, but it overlooks the city
in such a way that it seriously feels sinful.
The other unique thing is that this place used to be the home of Olinger (Linger, get it?!) Mortuary--so the ambiance is slightly creepy-- but not at all in a bad way.
(The dessert menu is a toe-tag, but it's cool, really!)
 I recommend going with some of your best friends and make it a really fun night that won't be forgotten.

For dessert, please go to d Bar and get this:
You won't be disappointed.
Trust me.
(And the crüe fries --dear lord. They have bacon. Need I say more?)

Finally, my all time favorite place to go is Madison Street Bistro. If you just clicked on my embedded link and got back to this blog, that wasn't an accident.
My Life on Madison includes my amazing husband as the chef of the family.
(My husband doesn't just "cook" he creates masterpieces that will leave you wanting more...) 
Let's just say when we have a dinner party we don't chintz on anything. We try to have a theme and our guests get the best of the best. We sorta love having people over and we do it pretty well,
 if I do say so myself. 
This may have to be a separate post, but really, food at the Laniel's house is something to experience.
(Here's a fun Bistro post to give you an idea of the goodness.)

But Madison Street Bistro isn't just for dinner parties.
 We had this on Tuesday and man, it was freaking delicious.
The recipe for "Spring Vegetable Bow-tie Pasta" is below.

So, there you have it.
Some of my most favorite places to be.
 I didn't include pictures of the people I was with while eating at these fabulous establishments but truly,
the company makes the experience all the better. (Duh. I was with Brian for ALL of these!!)

So, go make some reservations, call some friends (I mean, we aren't that busy this next month...)
and indulge on the goodness of eating out.
 Cheers and Bon Appetit!

Spring Vegetable Bow-tie Pasta

1 box of farfalle (bow-tie!) pasta
1 bunch of asparagus cut into 2 inch pieces
1 bag of french cut green beans (substitute peas if you so desire)
3 cloves garlic-chopped
1 cup of romano cheese, shredded
2 Tbls olive oil
2 Tbls butter
1 Tbls dried basil
Truffle oil to taste

Prepare pasta al dente
Heat olive oil over medium heat
Saute garlic until fragrant (about 30 seconds)
Add veggies--cook for about 5 minutes
(Add basil half way through cooking time)
Toss with drained pasta, butter and cheese
Drizzle truffle oil over prepared serving for taste


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