Monday, May 28, 2012


When I  blogmet Katrin, I knew we would be friends.
She loves beer. 
So, duh. 
In fact, I would say that she is a bit of snob about it and this is why I really, really like her.
{Being from Germany and all, it totally makes sense...} 
Nestled in her blog Sunday, she mentioned that Bitburger beer is the best beer in the world. 
I mentioned this to Brian so *naturally*  he came home with some when he went to the store.
Umm. Katrin, you have not steered us wrong. 
Bitburger beer is DEEElicious.
Prost to you and your perfectly snobby beer recommendations! :)


  1. Haha, are so AMAZING!!!! :))) You made me laugh sooooo much! You just made my day!
    I saw picture popping up in my feed, I saw that it is a post from you, I clicked it and I started laughing.
    I am so glad that you like Bitburger (and I hope Brian likes it too)! And I am also glad that you like a snob like me! :)) Hugs!

    1. Oh, we're snobs alright! :) He is now researching recipes that he could possibly brew that would be Bitburger-esque...! See! Snobs! And beer soul mates. :)
      Glad to make your day--you made mine! :)

    2. Wow, that is awesome! I hope he can figure it out!
      Beer soul mates! :) I love it!
      Check out my post here:
      Hope you'll like it! :) Hugs!

    3. I mentioned you in my post too. I am not sure if you've seen it. I edited it a while ago. :)