Monday, May 7, 2012


I have this thing about the moon.
As a child I remember being utterly mesmerized by it.
I was involved with its mystery.
If there was anything unique going on with the moon, like a lunar eclipse or something, I would mark my calendar and plan to be a part of the magic.
So when the Supemoon hit this weekend I couldn't wait to see it!
But it rained, and missed it.

Thankfully my dear friend Cheryl took a picture of it, so I vicariously saw the Supermoon and appreciated the enchantment of such a miraculous lunar event.
Coincidentally, Brian and I's moon is the sliver crescent moon.
We have "a moon".
On one of our first dates, all giddy with new love and excitement, we gazed upon the sliver of light and decided that that was 'ours' because it was a moon that had room to grow.
It wasn't done yet.
Just like me and Brian.
Oh moon.
You are a miracle to me and I am so grateful I can always count on you.

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