Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teachers Rule!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
{You knew it was for a whole week, right???}
This career is a strange one.
 We get publicity like this:
I heart you Matt Damon!
 {But I admit, I heart you more with hair...but still! Thanks a mil for your perspective/support!}

and this:
I heart you too, Ryan.

and more times than not people think this:
 "Teachers have it so easy!"
{Can I pull out the "NOT" card? Oh. I just did...}

and I blog about such things like this
But when I can celebrate--even in the smallest ways like this
I know I can do it.
{I think.}

Hooray, hurrah, yippy-do-dah for teachers!!
We not only make a difference,
but we keep the happy hour happy.


  1. I love the different Ryan Gosling tumblr pages. Who am I kidding, I just love Ryan Gosling! Happy Teacher Appreciation week!

  2. Loved your story on Nicole's blog. It was so touching and heartfelt. I'll never really understand loss, but I am grateful for your positive outlook on it.


  3. I love the Ryan Gosling photos also. He is one of my many husbands, him, johnny depp, Alexander Skarsgård and of course Chris Neal.

  4. I LOVE teachers!! If money wasn't an issue, I would love to teach. I know teachers work hard and are so underpaid.

    Teachers DO Rule!

  5. Needed these video clips this weekend for a little motivation. That Matt Damon video is amazing! Of course, everyone knows education as well as we do because they were students once - the absurdity. I also love the part where Matt questions the camera man about how awful he may be. Fantastic. We can make it!