Friday, July 27, 2012

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes!

I'm not one to seek out change. 
Change is generally scary for me and I like my routines very much. 
But, since I'm in the teaching biz, change is inevitable.
Often, I don't get much say in the changes put on my plate.
Curriculum {or lack thereof...)
{Testing in general, really...}
Student selection for my classes
Class size
We've decided to change the name of the department in order to fix all its problems.
I had the opportunity to choose a new path for myself this school year.
{Okay, so I had to jump through a few hoops, but it's teaching! Of course there are hoops!}

At the end of last year, I was feeling a bit restless in my current position. 
I was also feeling devastated a bit sad that my best friend Hannah was leaving me for another district.

I pictured the next school year and realized that I NEEDED a change. 
I needed a new space for my teaching soul to reside.
 I needed to change the way I looked at students, 
curriculum {or lack thereof...} 
and really, my general outlook just

So, with a VERY small window in which to make this change happen, I scrambled around to see if a change was possible.
It was. 

 On the last day of school it became official--
I would be teaching 8th grade, upstairs. 
{Oh, I guess I should tell you I have been teaching 6th and 7th grade for the last 4 years, downstairs--
upstairs houses 8th-11th grade--yeah, the BIG kids!!!!!}

All summer I have hoped that I made the right decision--it is a CHANGE after all!!
I decided to go back to work early so I could set up my new classroom. I was/am a little sad to cut my summer short, but I knew I needed to feel at home; so putting in some work now would be worth it later.

When I saw my name on the door, I got giddy. 
It was just so real! 

When I saw the mountain view, I squealed with excitement.
{It might not seem like much...but trust me. This view makes my soul happy.}

When I saw all the boxes, I was overwhelmed. 
But knowing I could start fresh in this space made me feel at ease and happy.
 And, after a strong 18 hours of work, I think I am on my way to making this space a home for me,  and my students.

Change can be good, and I have a feeling this change is going to be really good.

{And, don't worry, I have a little bit of Hannah with me here too. 
Yes, I have her name-tag from her old classroom taped inside a cupboard...}
:) }


  1. Your room looks SO good! I have no doubt that this change will be good for your soul. And remember, I am always just one email away! Love you Mrs. Laniel!

  2. oh my god!!! I LOVE THIS!! LOVE YOUR ROOM. You are awesome for stepping out and going for it. omgosh. LOVE THIS!!!! I would be excited to be in that room if I stepped in there on my first day of school!!

  3. Love it, Kari! You are so wonderful and I am sure this will be a great change! Hugs!

  4. Congrats on the change! Your classroom looks fantastic!

  5. Awesome, congrats on everything girl! Change can be scary, but sometimes its for the better! You'll have a great year :)

    PS- if the 8-11th grades are upstairs, where do the 12 grade students go?

    1. Thanks, Julie!
      Our school is in the midst of restructuring. Eventually it will be a 6-12 school. This year we have grades 6-11! Next year, we'll have seniors :)