Sunday, July 29, 2012

I got love mail !!!!

My second family, The Pucketts, who go to the CABIN! with us, decided to send off a few notes and gifts of love and encouragement for me starting a new school year. 

 Each letter was so precious and personal--A Miracle in the Mundane, for sure. 

This one is from Elly, age 13 (in 9 days!!!!)
Kari, Thank you so much for letting us come to the cabin every year! I hope you start a good new school year! I hope you like the little things we gave you! :) We love you so much and we can't wait until next year at the wonderful cabin! Love you guys, Elly PS Tell Brian I say hi, please!

This is from Ryn, age 10
Hey hope you have a great school year I miss you and I miss the cabin and the sign that says cabin life is the best life PS your the best and your AWESOME!!!!!

 This one is from Solomon, age 6:
To Kari (These are dinosaurs who are supposed to be quiet in school.)
"Both of you Shsh"
"Shut up" 

And finally, from Cory and Shana:
Happy start of school! 
It's going to be an awesome year!!!
Dearest Kari, Just a little package of notes to return the most comforting necklace ever! :) Thanks for sharing it in my time of need~we send it back to its rightful home with lots of love and joy. Here's to your new school year, new room, new students, new ideas, new connections and laughter, AND SEEING THE MOUNTAINS! :)
We love you soooooooooo!

I am so grateful for the sincere encouragement from this amazing family.
I will definitely take these words with me as I start a new year;  
especially some of the classroom management tips from Solomon and the dinosaurs.


  1. Wow this is absolutely fabulous! What a wonderful second family!
    Have a great Sunday, my dear friend!

  2. I know you will always cherish those letters. What a great family/friendship!