Monday, August 20, 2012

On Keeping a Blog

My wonderful friend Cheryl shared with me this great essay entitled "On Keeping a Notebook" by Joan Didion. In it, Didion explores the notes in her notebook and the purposes they hold. She jots down interesting observations of life--some that seem illogical, or boring to most, but yet they're in her notebook, so there must be a grand purpose for them, right?
Well, not always.
And that's okay.
She explains that our words hold meaning because we have taken the time to observe an aspect of life, big or small, and then we have chosen to capture that moment with words.
Sometimes these words mean a lot, other times, not so much.
But they're still our words.
Sounds an awful lot like keeping a blog, huh?

Following the article, a college student analyzes Didion's words and it really resonated with why I/we blog:

The occasions and conversations she notes down allow her to recall and recount moments 
of her life, which is in turn her reason for writing. The point of her keeping notebooks is not that she should note all the interesting parts and people of the world, but that she can relive her own life. Writing is, for her, both an act of selfishly pleasing herself and, indirectly, pleasing the world 
with her bright and cogent observations.

I am finding that this little blog, and the 53 or so of you that may read it, are precious to me.
You see, hold and experience my words; my observations of life
 {Whether you like it or not!}
 and for this I am grateful.

PS: Coolest typewriter, ever? 
And it's MINE! 
I inherited it from my Uncle Roy and it's just so pretty. 
I can't wait to get it repaired and use it!


  1. Okay, girl:

    1) Great post. What you've said rings very true. I write everything down (yes, even though my blog is mostly filled with funny summations of the arguments I have with my boyfriend) because I never want to forget anything.

    2) HOLY TYPEWRITER. I am hella jealous over here.

  2. I am so thrilled that you found time to read this essay! The lines you have underlined are precisely the reason I thought about you as I read it. And, don't you love the part where, even though she can't remember why she wrote down a particular imagine, she just KNOWS that she was hungover when she wrote it!

    And . . . I LOVE Uncle Roy's typewriter. It is home.

  3. Love the post. What you write is so true!
    And wow! That typewriter! I loooove it!

  4. Great way of putting it! Blogging is just such an awesome experience!

  5. Love it. And so true about WHY we do it. It's almost like we CAN'T not do it. : )
    You are wonderful, don't stop!!

  6. I need to be more observational. I live in a gorgeous place. I have a job where I literally fly on corporate jets. life seems so bland. Nothing is documented. I want to remember this moment. for this moment is my life.

    and yes....coolest type writer.

  7. I really enjoyed this post. And yes, that typewriter is rad to all degrees!

  8. I'm so jealous. That's one kick ass typewriter, I want it.