Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes. Be Amazed.

Teaching is hard. 
Like, really hard. 
It's draining. It's unpredictable. It's pressure-filled. It's frustrating. 
It's one of those jobs that people thank you for doing because THEY would NEVER want to teach, especially in a middle school!
But it has its upsides too. 
My "upside" came from a very unlikely place. We have been doing writing warm-ups to a book called "Be". This wonderful book outlines different things we should "Be" in life...Be happy, Be excited, Be ready, Be present, etc. 
I had the students choose a "Be" prompt to expand.One of my 8th grade boys wrote an AMAZING piece of writing that blew my mind. I think it blew my mind mostly because he is one of those students that I didn't think would naturally have that "writer's voice". 
He is quiet. Like, super, duper quiet. Even if when he talks, it's in a whisper. 
He's that unassuming person who you almost overlook because he is so shy. And, generally speaking, boys in my classes aren't the strongest writers. They certainly say things to get by, but it's rare to see that "spark" in boys' writing. {Why is that??}

Then I read this, and let me tell you, 
I was amazed. 
And inspired.

Be amazed by the world around us. Be amazed by what life gives you. I am amazed by the awesome world we live in; the trees, the wildlife, and the organized process we go through known as our lives. I am amazed at what we build. I am amazed at the friends life gives me, the people around me and my family. I'm amazed at myself, my thoughts, my creations and my opinions of the world. I'm amazed by the amount of people who think life is a big, fat, boring job and they act depressed and hate everything in their way. I say be amazed, people! You can't let the world give you its dark side; let it give you its light side! 

Be Amazed.

Thanks, Kevin, for reminding me of this and for giving me hope that this 
job might not be too bad after all.

P.S. In the spirit of being amazed and celebrating my favorite season, I have to share what Natalie From East To West wrote about weather and the changing seasons.
Read here, and be inspired.


  1. That really is inspiring! What an amazing young man! You never know what those shy students are thinking, but clearly, they amaze us all. Way to go Kevin.

  2. "Let it give you its light side" is going to stay with me all week. Love this.

  3. Oh my gosh, what awesome insight for an 8th grader! Seriously a beautiful reminder to us all!

  4. Love reminders like this that we are doing something so worthwhile with our lives, even when it causes us to drink:) And I love Kevin!

  5. It takes a pretty amazing teacher to set the stage for students to feel safe enough to expose their thoughts and share their true thoughts. Thoughts and feelings that may not be congruent with what is seen on the outside. Thank you for encouraging the best from each and every student. Amazing!

  6. Things like this are a great reminder for us all. This is one of those things I would save for a bad day when it seems like we aren't making an impact. Thanks for posting this!